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The Skill Gap Is Only Getting Wider

E-Learning Can Help - See Details Below

Social Distancing Is Not An Issue With E-Learning

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Now Is The Time To Begin E-Learning Courses

How Could This Affect You & Your Company?

Taking your team off-site causes you time and money. E-learning increases productivity and decreases time away from work.

What Is The Skill Gap?

It’s a shortage of skilled, trained people. It’s the difference between what workers know how to do and what employers need.

E-Learning Courses

19 Courses Available

Initial global launch (English) consists of 15 courses across 6 technologies, with more to follow throughout 2020.


Available on any tablet or PC using Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge or Firefox. All content is narrated, and has a viewable transcript.

Highly Interactive Learning

Each learning module contains activities, software simulations, and demonstration videos to help reinforce learning concepts.

Validated Learning

Each lesson has a knowledge assessment, requiring 80% to pass. Upon successful completion of the course, a learner will be awarded a certificate of completion in conjuction with CEUs.

2020 Courses

P=Programming M=Maintenance


CCP146: Logix5000 System Fundamentals (P/M)

CCP151: Basic Ladder Logic Programming (P)

CCCL21: Basic Ladder Logic Interpretation (M)

CCP143: Ladder Logic Project Development (P)

CCP152: Function Block Programming Course (P)

CCP154 : Structured Text & Sequential Chart (P)


ccn132: Motion Control Fundamentals using Kinetix 5700 Drives (P/M)

New Courses

ccn144-a: CIP Motion Programming (Kinetix 5700) (P)


SAF-LOG104: GuardLogix Application Development & Troubleshooting (P/M)

Power control

CCA182: PowerFlex 750-Series Drives Configuration and Startup (P/M)

CCA184: PowerFlex 750-Series Drives Configuration for an Integrated Architecture System (P/M)

CCA185: PowerFlex 525 Startup & Configuration (P/M)

Coming Soon

CCA TBD: Connected Components Workbench Course (P/M)


CCV204-A: FactoryTalk View ME and PanelView Plus Programming (P)

ccv207: FactoryTalk View SE Programming (P)

Industrial Networking

ccp183: EtherNet/IP Configuration and Troubleshooting (P/M)

Industrial Network Architecture (P)

INA201: Foundation (P)

INA202: Intermediate (P)

INA203: Advanced Part 1 (P)

INA204: Advanced Part 2 (P)

Process control

Coming Soon

EK-ICM101E: Vibration/Condition Monitoring (P/M)

PRC 201: Plant PAx System Design & Implementation (P)

PRC TBD: Plant PAx Operating & Maintenance (P/M)

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Active TechConnect Customers


90-day access to a single course for a single user.

Single User

365-day access to all e-learning library.

Group User

365-day access to all e-learning library content with minimum user purchase of 10 licenses.


Are CEUs offered with e-learning courses?

Yes, everything except for Industrial Networking courses. A learner must successfully pass all knowledge assessments in a course to receive the CEUs.

Do e-learning courses count as prerequisites for the Traditional or Accelerated Certificate Paths?

Yes, customers may apply e-learning courses to support all requirements of the traditional Logix Maintainer and/or Logix Programmer certificate pathways.

Are e-learning courses separated into modules?

Yes, each course is made up of a series of modules.

When does access to my course expire?

Your access begins the moment you unlock the course. You will either have 90 days or 365-day access depending on your purchase.

Can users start and stop courses when needed and save progress?

Yes, you may bookmark your place and resume at any time within your allotted 90 or 365 days.

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